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We actively provide assistance to identify and monitor the key drivers of our client’s business performance. We also evaluate and improve the financial and management information exhibition, to provide our clients with the information they need, so they can direct their investments in the most profitable possible way.

A) Analysis of the economic context of Mexico
Particularly, we provide support to our clients with evaluation of the markets evolution through the analysis of Mexico’s economic, fiscal and legal context, in order to identify their most profitable opportunities in an uncertainty environment, as well as, to assess their feasibility taking into account the company capacities, opportunities and challenges.

B) Analysis and Compliance of the Mexican tax regime
In order to ensure the pertinent tax regime, we perform a tax implications analysis regarding Income Tax (ISR), VAT (IVA) and other laws applicable to the kind of activities the client would carry out during its projects execution. Likewise, we quantify the applicable obligations for each analyzed operation, the fulfillment of contractual requirements linked to fiscal compliance and, finally, we also help with the company's operational planning.

Our firm objective is to provide accounting and tax services focused on the due compliance with the various Mexico´s requirements for the financial information submission, which differs considerably from the general corporate taxation of other businesses not engaged in oil and gas extraction.

Regarding tax compliance, our professionals can help companies in the oil and gas industry with matters related to income corporate tax (ISR), revenue based royalties, over royalties, acreage fees for exploratory or extraction phase, statutory financial information submission, tax accounting calculations, and indirect taxes submission, among others.

C) Project Valuation and contractual schemes
We perform deterministic and probabilistic evaluation of exploration and development projects, as well as production assets in the Mexican oil and gas sector, under different contractual schemes (CEE, CSIEE, CIEP), which includes the estimation not only of profitability and risk indicators in investment projects, but also oil and gas profiles, hydrocarbons costs and fiscal component in cash flows per project, applying, if necessary, stochastic volume and price simulation models.

Our Firm advice to systematize the contracting schemes for energy resources management, establishing deliverables, deadlines, roles and responsibilities in financial issues for each multidisciplinary areas participating, including standardization and automation practices for monitoring and controlling.

In some cases, we can also determine the economic value of the damage generated by the counterparty in circumstances of legal dispute or commercial conflict, working directly with the client's legal advisors.

D) Operating Account Administration
Our firm can take care of preparing cost, expense and investment records in accordance with the hydrocarbons sector’s applicable guidelines. These subjects are important in order to comply with the regulatory issues and keep focus on business optimization to seize opportunities and gain market positioning.

We will provide our Operator clients with the creation of a solid Cost and Financial structure in the company, to convey to the project's funders confidence on the operational capabilities and, therefore, on their return on investments. In the case of Non-Operators clients, we can carry out preventive reviews and audits so as to confirm the proper use of resources and to prevent damage to the Joint Venture and / or the State.

We offer training and tutoring on finance topics applied to hydrocarbons business schemes.

E) Financing management
To assist our clients in managing any kind of funding or loan to individuals, commercial or civil societies, companies and institutions, including without limiting, the conclusion and carrying out of derivative financial transactions with third parties, Mexican and / or foreign counterparts, directly or through trusts.

E) Participating environment of State-Owned Companies
To assist our customers in coexisting with the State-Owned Productive Companies in Mexico. This is important to make our clients aware of their potential in the Mexican market that offers a wide range of products, services and differentiated tariffs. Our firm can bring support to clients not only in diverse negotiations, but also in agreements and contracts’ following-ups.

Summing up, we apply the best economic, legal and operational practices to work in accordance with the new legal framework in Mexico, anticipating and making the needed adjustments that market changes demand in order to meet our clients’ requirements and therefore, give them the possibility of taking advantage of opportunities to do more and better businesses. To this end, we can design a specific strategy for each individual company to strengthen its knowledge, resources and plans, so its market competitiveness can improve.

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