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Service Areas | Technical and Operational Capabilities

Technical and
Operational Capabilities

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Advice and support in engineering, procurement, supply and services for the exploration, field development and hydrocarbons production, with emphasis on oil and gas prospection. Our experts can perform:

Prospect generation.

Selection of geological and production analogues.

Analysis of the petroleum system elements and processes.

Validation and evaluation of prospective resources and exploratory risk.

Exploratory portfolio analysis, by type of hydrocarbon, play, onshore or offshore.

Ranking of investment opportunities.

Design of tactical plans for the strategic objectives' fulfillment.

Supervision of geophysical surveys and processing.

Full cycle economic evaluation for oil and gas projects: exploration, development, production and abandonment.

New business development.

Investment opportunities evaluation: tenders, farm out/in.

Executive workshops on hydrocarbon exploration.

Conceptual field development.

In terms of procurement, the firm provides support to the specific goods and services marketing that allows customers to improve their operation and optimize their costs. For this purpose, the firm may participate as an agent, commission agent or representative of national or foreign companies, or carry out all kinds of trading operations on its own or with third parties.

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